The Founder


Dr Balaram’s keen interest in dermatology and obstetrics spans 40 years. His days growing up in a small town called Teluk Intan in the state of Perak, Malaysia, then known as Teluk Anson and travelling to countries within Europe and Asia exposed him to a variety of healing methods and wellness secrets which have significantly influenced his keen eye for developing exceptional aesthetic quality skincare. Balaram has created innovative, customized and functional skincare for all age groups that have resulted in miraculous testimonial improvements within a short span of time


After completing his degree in MBBS, Mysore, India, 1975, Dr Balaram pursued his career advancement into the field of dermatology followed by Obstetrics & Gynaecology soon after completing his housemanship in Ipoh General Hospital. In 1981, Dr Balaram had hosted his group of clinics which was then known as Klinik Sunder & Group and eventually joined in private group practices like Alam Medic, Permai and many more alleviating his goodself with concrete experience & further driving his passion for healing people.


At the age of 70, with his commendable spirit of personal integrity & character, together with his son, Pradeep Balaram, an engineer by profession & entrepreneur by passion, they formed The Remedial Empire Group of Companies focused on providing the public with personalized service combined with creative vision, expertise and painstaking attention to detail to produce settings that take wellness & healthcare ideas to a different level altogether. Dr Balaram and his team of experts accomplish this said mission through their creativity, charisma, dedication and intuitive ability eventually introducing the world to a whole new generation of advanced skincare. And this time, more personal & relevant. 

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