Journey to Wellness

The world is engineered the way we want. The comforts that we enjoy today are the results of our technological advancement. Everything is brought to our doorstep for our convenience.

Now, a question is posed?

Are we capable of engineering our body, mind & emotion the way we want? Are we paying attention to our inner well being? If we are capable of engineering the world outside , most certainly we will be able to do this within.

Lets start with the physical aspect. Wellness and discipline are synonymous. The human mind is so well put together. All we have to do is maintain it through regular exercise and diet. Workout for just 1 hour a day and the rest 23 hours you will be fit with every cell in your body being rejuvenated, revitalised and energised. Its a commitment to stay healthy not just for yourself but your loved ones as well.

Mind and emotions play a significant role in wellness. "As you think, so you become". Feed your mind just as you feed your body with the proper diet.

How do we do that?

Daily, devoting an hour or so to sit silently. This will calm your mind of all agitations. It will help in creating positive and good thoughts and vibrations. Promise yourself these magical words. Wherever I go today, I will generate a peaceful, joyful loving environment. This is the beginning of your journey from mind to heart.

Organise these 3 dimensions of your personality - BODY, MIND & EMOTIONS and bring out the 3 best doctors in the world.


In good faith,


Retired Auditor & Wellness Guru

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