Think Scalar. Invest in life.

The existence of exhaustion, restlessness and enervation have always been a primer feel of every human being. Everyone needs something to recharge and keep oneself energised. People tend to turn to caffeine and tobacco to assist them to get through the day but unfortunately as we know this dependence can only do so much for our body. 

The good news is, it is possible for us to feel vitalized without resorting to these dependants and forcing ourselves to endure the challenges faced daily.

Introducing Scalar Conceptual Wellness Chamber. 

It is a revolutionary wellness concept derived using the Zazen Scalar Generator. Our company as a successor to the legendary euth+ brand has now launched it in Malaysia. 

Given a vacant space in a clinic, an office or even at home, we will transform it into a chamber that generates harmonic healing resonance. These waves of resonance have the ability to restructure damaged DNA correcting them into their original state and slows down the process of aging. The incorporation of this extraordinary energy also could reduce the effects of nervous system ailments in children such as autism and down-syndrome. It is also proven to slow down the process of metastasis and subside the pain experienced by cancer patients.












We will be transforming an empty unused space into a sanctuary for you to sit back and relax. Complete with music that will soothe and calm your whole body, mind and soul, a feather soft bed and an environment filled with tranquillity and energy that keeps you at peace.

Potential Benefits of Scalar Conceptual Wellness Chamber at a glance

  • Increased learning capacity

  • Balances both the hemispheres of the brain

  • Strengthens your resilience to EMF impact

  • Stimulates Pineal Gland

  • Increased Creativity 

  • Deep rest

  • Helps bring the body back to it's natural frequency

  • Eliminates and nullifies the effect of man-made frequencies in the human body

  • Increases the overall body energy levels

  • Helps to retard age-related diseases and ageing process slowed-down. 

  • Less dependant on substance

  • Increased immune system

  • Harmonises the ANS ( Autonomic Nervous System)

  • DNA repair by releasing ubiquinone (protein that repairs DNA damage)

  • For Cellular nutrition and Detoxification

  • Much improvement seen with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) children 

  • Cleanses the blood

  • Helps with depression and anxiety

  • Pain relief for cancer patients

If you are looking to experience any of the conditions above, you are in need of the revolutionary SCWC (Scalar Conceptual Wellness Chamber)

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