Get out of your comfort zone!

The words “children” and “risk” don’t sit very happily together.


They conjure up unwelcome thoughts of being put in danger; but not all risks are equal. Some of them are not only worth taking – they are positively beneficial, crucial, even, to a child’s development.

So, whats the VASA CHAMP CAMP all about?


A warm welcome drink, soft pillows for deep sleep..wait! who are we kiddin'?

The aim of this 3-day No 1 Leading Student Camp called the VASA champ camp is to bring out the true champion & potential in every child by utilising comprehensive custom career modules and activities. We mean, like, c'mon, by them sitting in front of the computer, day & night, isn't going to make them tough inside out, right?

What to expect 

  • Learn how to be an agent of your own career

  • Identify your skills, interests, values and other attributes

  • Practice exploring and researching your career options

  • Connect with professionals who will share their career stories and advice

  • Visit various workplaces and simulators to give you a feel of your future

  • Map out the next few steps you will take to move forward in your career

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